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Getting a good passport photo is very important as there is a bit of a chance that your passport photo might get rejected, that’s why it is important that you get your photo clicked and produced at the place that is good and reliable. Suppose your passport photo gets rejected then the process may get delayed. So if you have a question in your mind that where to get passport photo near me? Then here we would be helping you make familiar with the place where you can get a passport photo clicked near you.

What not to do for a Passport photo

While getting a passport photo there are few things you should definitely avoid as these things can get your photos rejected and would delay the process.

  • Do not try to print your old photo that was stored on your computer or phone. Sometimes the photo stored is not appropriate enough for the passport photo so do not try to edit that photo because that is prohibited, instead get a new photo clicked.
  • Never use the nearest passport photo booth as it got very bad quality and also these type of photos are not acceptable. Though nowadays photo booths are almost extinct but still try to avoid this.
  • Avoid using old disposable camera most importantly these photos are of bad quality with graining on the picture, therefore, there is high chance that these photos will get rejected.

Places to go for passport photo near me

When it comes to looking for a place for a passport photo first thing that you can do is just google for getting passport photos near me, you will definitely get many options near you unless you stay in remote are. Most of the photos shop would be good but still, you can choose the best of them and according to your budget. Here we will be discussing few of the places that you can consider for getting a photo clicked.

when you google for the passport pictures near me or you can just click on the picture above. once you are done with it google will ask for your location or will ask you to turn on your location. according to your location that you have entered or google map might have detected, google map will suggest you passport photos places near you. according to your budget, preference and ease select the location that suits you best. when you select the location google map will show you the single path with all the directions that you should follow to reach that location, it will also tell you the time and distance to reach that location. If you want to use that path you can start navigation and according to the instruction given by the google map follow the path and reach the passport photo location. For this whole process to go smoothly you need to make sure that your internet and GPS is working properly.

Shipping Centers

Shipping service like FedEx provides the passport photo service. Though this service is provided only in few of the FedEx shops. To locate a FedEx store near you visit: http://local.fedex.com/ here you just need to enter you pin code then it will show you the closest FedEx shop where you can get you passport photo done

Similar service is provided by UPS to locate the store visit: https://www.theupsstore.com/store-services/passport-id-photos

Pharmacies and Retail stores

In whole USA pharmacies like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen (which are the three largest pharmacies of U.S.A) provides the service of a passport photo. You won’t find any problem in finding these stores as they are more than 15,000 stores located in U.S.A. one more positive factor of these pharmacies is that they provide photo service at low cost. Another similar provider is one of the largest retail store that is Walmart and who hasn’t heard about Walmart it is present almost everywhere, also they can get you passport picture near me and ready with very low cost.

Though these pharmacies and Walmart is known to everyone but still if you find their store near you or for any kind of information you can visit:

Walmart: http://linksynergy.walmart.com/fs-bin/click?id=gb1OjXdYF50&subid=&offerid=223073.1&type=10&tmpid=1082&RD_PARM1=https%253A%252F%252Fphotos3.walmart.com%252Fcategory%252F83-passport-photos

Rite Aid: https://mywayphotos.riteaid.com/Passport-ID-Photos-Landing

CVS: http://www.cvsphoto.com/passport-photos

Walgreen: http://www.kqzyfj.com/oe101js0ys-FHIMNLPJFHGNHNHPNFHKHNMIONNMGGG

Professional Photography Studios

The professional photography studios are meant to give you best service among all the places as they are expert in this. As passport office asks for a good quality photo, they surely give you that but accordingly, they charge higher than most of the other places. Therefore most of the people don’t go there for the passport photos, also many have stopped providing passport photo service.

U.S Passport Office

This is the best possible place and most convenient than the other as all of your work can be done in the same place. Here you can get you photo clicked and submit it and get along with the process at same time. There is no time wasted in finding and getting a passport photo. But not all U.S passport office provides the service of passport photo so to be on the safe side first confirm from the office by calling and asking them about the service.

Registered Passport Expediters

If there is a question in your mind that where to get passport photo and If you are looking for getting a passport made in 2 to 3 weeks then you can use Passport Expediter service if you are not able to visit the regional office by yourself. If you live at the place where this service is provided then you can get their help. But you have to call at these place and confirm that they provide this service as not all provide it.

Now that we have discussed some of the places where you can get your passport photo produced but you need to keep your budget in mind while going for it so below is a list of some places which are discussed above and the price that they charge.

Location Price
FedEx 14.95
UPS 11.99
Walmart 7.44
CVS 12.99
Rite Aid 8.99
Walgreens 12.99
Photography Studio 15.00+
Passport Offices Call for price


Hope this article helped you but if you have any query regarding this topic or while searching passport size photo near me, you can always leave a comment. we will try to answer you queries as soon as possible.

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