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Planning of traveling or studying at places outside U.S. then you must be planning to make a new passport or want to change something that the other country might not stop you from entering there. For the ease of the process, you must be looking for the nearest passport office to you. So, if you are in hurry of finding a place or completing the process there is no problem U.S. has more than 8000 facilities all over the states where you can go, apply and get your passport done as fast as you need. Most of these facilities are at post office and clerks of court, other are located at towns or city’s Municipal government office and at public Library. Getting it done in one day itself is not an issue.

United States passport office is the place where you can get your passport made and anything that is related to passport in the USA is done there. Suppose that you are planning to get your passport within 2 to 3 week so for that you need to be present at US passport office for the verification of the documents, You have filled the form but you cannot just sign the form and send it to the US application locations and think that the process will go on, instead you need to go and in presence of the passport verification agent you need to verify and then sign the form. This thing is not only applicable for the New passport it is true for most of the purpose like stolen or lost passport, Child passport, Second passport and almost all.

For searching the closest passport office from your location the best possible way is to use google maps. For that, you can either use google by simply typing on google about the passport office near me or you can just click on the below map. once you are done with that google will ask for your location you can either type manually your location or you can just turn on your location from where google will automatically detect your location and then when you provide google with your location then google will suggest you certain locations. so according to your convenience, preference, and ease, you can choose the location of the passport office. The google map will automatically show you the direction, along with that it will show you how much time and distance is from your location and the passport office. Then you need to select your passport office locations accordingly and you can start your navigation, follow the path that google is suggesting you and reach to the passport office. Before starting with this process make sure that your GPS and internet is working properly.

Google map

Passport office near me using locator

Another way of locating the passport office is to use their own locator. For that, you can visit this site:

This link will take to the site where you will find locator which looks like the below image

Here you can locate in two ways by entering the zip code where you can restrict your search according to your convenience by setting up in how many miles of a radius do you want your facility to be. You can search for all the facility or search few closest one whose number can be set. Like in the image you want closest 5 facilities then you need to change the 10 to 5. Another way of searching is searching by State and city here you just need to select the state and the city in that state and then all the facility there will be listed.

Here we have an advanced search option where you can you can filter the facility according to the service that they provide like here you have the option of filtering it by Handicap Access, Photo On-site and Photo nearby.

Hope you found the information about finding passport office near me resourceful for any query or you feel that we should have included, then comment below we will surely take a look at it and would definitely try to solve your queries.

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