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Changing name on the passport is always a good idea if due to any reason you have legally changed your name. It is always better to do it as soon as possible as you can always enjoy the surprise planning of the trip. There can be many reasons to change the name on the passport, few of the most often reasons are getting married or getting divorced. Procedure for passport name change may take up to 4 to 6 week if you are going with the routine procedure. It can also be reduced to 2 to 3 weeks with the Expedited process, but for that, you need a proper reason. Also if due to certain reason you want is as soon as possible then you can even get it done in one or a bit more, for that you need to have a certain emergency situation.

Changing name is almost similar to getting a new passport it involves basic three steps:

  1. Fill up the passport change name application form
  2. Gather the document require for the changing name
  3. Submit the form

Fill up the passport change name application form

There are three types form available for changing name, they are DS-5504, DS-82 and DS-11. Each of these forms has a different purpose.

DS-5504 is applicable when your passport issuing date is within last one year

DS-82 is applicable when your passport issuing date more than a year

DS-11 is when you don’t have any legal document to prove change in name

You can download the form that is applicable to you from the below links:


Above is how DS-5504 form looks like.


Above is how DS-82 form looks like.


Above is how DS-11 form looks like.

If you want to fill up the form online then you can visit:

Here you need to click on the checkbox where you agree all the terms and condition. Fill up the details that are compulsory and the details that are applicable to you. Finally, you need to print the form.

The process is similar to that filling up form for passport application so for detailed process, you may follow this link

Gather the document required to change name on passport

  1. If the passport is issued to you in last one year then submit:

There is no need of submitting any kind of fees unless you are opting for Expedited service

  1. If your passport date of issue is more than one year then submit:

To calculate the fee follow this link:

Here if you are not eligible for form DS-82 to submit below listed document at the acceptance facility or a passport office near you also you need to go there in person.

Note: Restriction apply here

  • Filled DS-11 form
  • Your current valid passport
  • Evidence citizenship
  • photocopy of the evidence of U.S citizenship
  • Valid Id and its photocopy
  • Your name change document original or certified. It can be your marriage or court order.
  • One Standard passport size photo colored:
  • Depending upon your age you need to pay fee

To calculate the fee follow this link:

  1. If you don’t have any legal document to prove change in name

To calculate the fee follow this link:

Citizenship Evidence

For the evidence for changing your name on your passport, you can submit one of the documents listed below. This documents should be original or the certified copy. Photocopy and a notarized copy are not acceptable.

  • Undamaged and fully valid U.S passport. It can also be expired one.
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Birth certificate of US that meets following requirements:
    • It must be issued by the city, country or state of birth
    • It must contain full name of the child, its place of birth and date of birth
    • It should also contain full name of the parents
    • It must be signed by the registrar
    • It should have the seal by the issuing authority
  • If born in foreign country than consular report of birth abroad or certification of birth

While Submitting name change on passport form if you are unable to submit one of the above listed documents or to clear any doubt regarding this you can visit:

Photocopy of Citizenship Evidence

You need to submit the photocopy of the evidence of your U.S citizenship that you are providing with the passport change name application. It should be printed on front and back if these is anything on the back. While submitting this you need to make sure that the photocopy is legible, on standard size (8.5×11 inch) white paper, it should be black and white and single sided.

In option to a photocopy of the evidence of your U.S citizenship, you can also submit second certified copy which they will keep.

If you fail to submit these documents than the process might get extended.


To change passport name, for identification you also need to present you current id such that it clearly identifies you. For this you can present one of the following IDs:

  • Valid Driving license
  • Fully valid and undamaged U.S passport (may be expired)
  • Citizenship or naturalization certificate
  • State, country, or federal government ID
  • S military ID or Military depended ID
  • Valid foreign passport
  • Matricula certificate that is Mexican consular identification, commonly used by the parents of a U.S citizen child applicant

When you go to update passport name if you are not able to present one of the above listed IDs then for more information look up here:

Also if you have gone through or is in process of gender conversion then you may follow:

Photocopy of identification

You need to submit the photocopy of the ID both front and back. Make sure that photocopy is on standard (8.5×11 inch) sized white paper, it should not be double sided and the image size should not be decreased although you may increase the size of the image.

Most Recent Passport

Your most recent Passport should be submitted with the passport name change form.

  • The U.S passport should follow all the points discussed above such that it should be a fully valid passport.
  • The Old U.S passport book or card will be returned though it would be in the separate mail and not with the newly renewed passport.

Name change Document

In the procedure of change of name in passport you need to submit the legal name change document or certified copy if the name that you are currently using is different than the name on the most recent U.S passport. For proof you can submit following documents:

  • Your Marriage Certificate
  • Your Divorce decree
  • Name change document ordered by court

These documents will be returned to you via mail that would be different than the mail of your new renewed passport.

One Standard passport size photo colored

With the application for passport renewal, you need to submit standard size photograph for the renewal application form. The photo should fulfill the following norms:

  • Size of the photo should be of size 2×2 inches
  • Photo should be such that it shows your current appearance and it should be taken recently or should have been taken in last 6 months
  • Photograph could be both among colored and black and white
  • Photo should be such that its background should be plain white or off-white, you should be looking in the front and it should show your full face
  • In photo your face should not be covered with anything such as cap, band or hat and your attire should be normal
  • If you are prescribed to wear hearing machine, spectacles or anything like this then you should wear it while getting a photograph.

Submit the name change on passport form

Pack all the documents that are applicable to you and send it to the address given on the application form to change name on passport. When choosing your courier service to take a note that it is fast and it can be traceable.

Note that Submission of documents with form DS-82 and DS-5504 is to be done via mail to the given address. For DS-11 you need to be present at the application acceptance facility.

To locate the nearest facility visit here

Hope you found the information about getting passport name change resourceful for any query or you feel that we should have included or we missed out, then comment below we will surely take a look at it and would definitely try to solve your queries.

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